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Human creativity meets
digital speed

How can we deliver you hundreds of finished logos in seconds when each logo took many hours of thoughtful design work?

Our new technology has turned the normal customer and designer relationship on its head, and it helped us push down the price tag for professional branding to a few hundred dollars. Have a look at the typical workflow of one of our designers below.


Coming up
with an idea

This is Jord Riekwel, one of the professional designers we collaborate with. Before Jord starts designing, he thinks about a specific type of business; for example a playful delivery service.


Sketching a unique
logo mark

Jord spends hours on creating and designing a ‘logo mark’ in order to make the perfect branding symbol for this kind of business. In this case, he designs a flying superhero which works with his idea.


Choosing all
visual settings

The logo mark is uploaded to our Design Tool, where Jord chooses typefaces, letter spacing, color settings and positioning of elements. He tells the system that this logo is suitable for a playful delivery service.


Published to

Once the logo is approved by our Design Team, it is published to Brandzy as an “Open Logo” which allows our system to apply your name to it in just minutes!

You are just minutes away from getting your business a high quality logo!

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